@whiteday_pon ヒェェ;;;嬉しいお言葉…ありがとうございます~!(´///`) こちらこそ、ぽん太郎さんの淡く色み美しく可愛らしいアイコンや他イラストにも惹かれました… アッ本当ですか…?私も呼びタメ大歓迎してますの… https://t.co/CtptG5nuHP

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@whit @kf At least one is with me 💁🏻‍♀️

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RT @tanqurayjones: @flaquis_non @whit Are you white or non white?

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@KaiFitz @whit Yeeeeeeeeeaaaa https://t.co/gBWYhxnQkv

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@whitneykaay @whit haha “a twinkle here and there” I like that 😂

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@whitneykaay @whit Peep my cloud when you get a chance hahaha I got some gems 🌊

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Lmao i wouldn’t say glowing. Just a twinkle here and there 😂 .. I’m ready for more music from you! RT @KaiFitz:… https://t.co/fMWwdSNvR2

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@whit it did not but btw can you publicly shame @michaelgorsuch into accepting the invite I sent him for boozy zoom… https://t.co/IyraaCwUGV

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@whit oooo extremely dope

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@whit @digitalocean thanks! Maybe we will get the chance to work together sometime in the future, Whit!

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@lexalinette @plaay29 @whit Eahhh ahora es q vengo a ver el msj ☺️😂😂🔫

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2-12am y ya tengo hambre🤦 @plaay29 @DiliaLinnette @whit tráiganme comidaaaaaaa

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@tanqurayjones @whit Def non-white. But who are you and how did you find this tweet lol

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@whit this sounds therapeutic

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@flaquis_non @whit Like all men are trash? Are there any exceptions to that?

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@flaquis_non @whit Are you white or non white?

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4 hour long drive wit my mom and all we talked about was politics, Mexican hegemony, racism and trash (AKA MEN). Se… https://t.co/ke4dmEpAg3

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@whit @sashamace governance.

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@whit Manageering, obvi.

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